Intermittent Fasting for Body Type

How often do you look in the mirror and say “I must look beautiful if I could lose ten pounds”? Nowadays, with the quick spread of the internet, you will see many pictures from different apps every day. You will see long and thin legs. You will see beautiful faces everywhere, but this may not make you feel better. On the contrary, it is easy to arouse your inward attack- feeling that you are not good-looking enough and thus fall into body anxiety. What is body anxiety, then?

Body anxiety refers to the negative emotions caused by people’s dissatisfaction with their body appearance and self-confidence. A new study published in the Journal of Women and Aging illustrates that only 12 percent of women reported being satisfied with their body size, from which you can see that body type is really a great concern for people. In order to relieve body anxiety, the first thing you have to do is to determine your own body type.

How to Determine Your Body Type?

The term somatotype is developed by U.S. psychologist W.H. Sheldon and used to describe the human physical types. And in his system, human beings’ body types can be mainly divided into three extreme categories: endomorphic, or round, fat type; mesomorphic, or muscular type; and ectomorphic, or slim, linear type. If you are not clear about where you fall, here are some clues to identify your body type.


Endomorph, also known as dwarf type, is characterized by a strong physique, thick and short neck, red face, flat shoulder width, large chest circumference, and an upper abdominal angle greater than 90 degrees.


Mesomorph, also known as the symmetrical type, shows that the structure of each part of the body is symmetrical and moderate, and the upper abdominal angle is about 90 degrees. It can be seen in most normal adults.


Ectomorph, also known as the long and thin type, is characterized by a high body, thin muscle, slender neck, narrow shoulders, sagging, flat thorax, and less than 90 degrees of upper abdominal angle.

Besides, muscle is sometimes linked to your body shape. For example, if you have a very easy time building muscle, you are likely to be described as a “mesomorph” body type. On the other hand, if it is very difficult for you to gain muscle, then you would be more associated with an “ectomorph” body type. However, you may fall into the “endomorph” body type if you gain weight more easily than muscle.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Body Type

In a sense, body type is related to two things: diet and exercise.

If you don’t have the habit or condition of exercise, or have no time to exercise, developing a good diet seems more vital to your body management. But how to keep a good body shape through diets? There is very little scientific research on some “body type” diets. But some new concepts of health may at least give you a snapshot into your possible carbohydrate sensitivity and body management as well. For example, intermittent fasting, also known as IF limits the specific time to eat and that fast at other times. And it has been in the ascendant in recent years for its great potential in helping you stay slim and even dealing with some health problems. And the benefits for a body type that intermittent fasting can bring may include:

Losing weight

Those who usually have an uncontrolled diet tend to be overweight, dramatically increasing the risk of fat and unhealthy body. At this time, intermittent fasting for a period of time can help reduce the calorie intake and then lead to weight loss. Generally speaking, a body will become comparatively slim once a certain amount of weight has been cut.

Keeping muscles strength

Today’s good figure can be found on people that have a well-proportioned and pleasing shape, muscles with clear and bright lines,s and a full hip and clear waistcoat line figure. So, muscle is an essential part of keeping a good figure. But how does intermittent fasting help in this aspect? In fact, IF is not totally fasting (no eating) but sets no food limits to keep a body functioning well during the eating window. For example, protein is a very important nutrient during intermittent fasting and it can also keep your muscle strength or even add your muscle when supplemented with suitable exercise.

Maintaining a good body type

Once you have gained a good body type, you will certainly feel very excited at first, but soon may also fall into anxiety about how to maintain it. Don’t worry! Here is good news for you. As intermittent fasting will slowly guide you to develop a good eating habit and effectively control your calorie intake, you will maintain a good body shape more easily.

How to Select an Intermittent Fasting Plan Based on Your Body Type

It is worth noting that your body type can provide you with more information than you think, such as metabolic and hormonal clues to help you better deal with carbohydrates and how much protein you need. Moreover, it may tell you whether you will become the healthiest and most energetic of yourself. So, selecting a suitable intermittent fasting plan based on your body type is crucial. But how to select the best one for yourself?

The first thing you should do is to determine your own body type and then set up a goal based on self-cognition and self-expectation. For example, you fall in the “endomorph” body type, and losing weight is the prime aim.

Next, design an intermittent fasting plan based on your body type and your goals. If you want to lose weight and make yourself look slim in a short time, you can choose the 16:8 fasting or even the stricter OMAD diet. But if your main goal is to keep muscle strength, then determining what to eat during the eating window seems more important for you. Keep in mind to eat more foods rich in proteins. Maybe you already have a good body that satisfies you and your goal is to continue to maintain it, then cultivating a mindful eating practice during intermittent fasting can be a wise choice.

Finally, once you’ve decided on your intermittent fasting plan, stick to it, and don’t give up. There will inevitably be many setbacks and temptations on this road. The only thing you have to do is control yourself and keep working towards your goals.

Other Useful Tips for Different Body Types

Your body type is inseparable from two things that are diet and exercise. In other words, a reasonable diet supplemented with some exercise can make a great difference in your body type. So here are some ideal workouts for you based on different body types.


People with an “endomorph” body type tend to have more fat in the body. Nowadays, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage in the fitness industry. The reason is obvious: with HIIT, you’ll burn more calories, exercise your muscles, and increase your heart rate, which is more effective than steady-state exercise (such as jogging or riding at the same speed for the same time). Besides, the training usually lasts only 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, adding HIIT training to your training program is a good way to stimulate extra fat burning, which will continue even after training.


If you are described as the “mesomorph” body type, then your focus may be on low-to moderate-intensity cardio, which can be as simple as brisk walking. But it’s wise for mesomorphs to change their exercise style regularly, such as sprinting or HIIT occasionally as they have fewer slow-twitch muscle fibers, and their endurance level is low.


As ectomorphs are already lean by nature, they don’t need as much aerobic exercise as other body type. What they really need is to get muscle mass and strength through strength-training exercises such as goblet squat, plank rows, dumbbell row, and so on. In addition, remember to avoid overuse injuries and common chronic problems like back pain and osteoporosis when training.

Bottom Line

  • Body type has become a great concern to people now and it’s important to determine your own body type first. Here are three main body type: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.
  • Intermittent fasting may do help you keep a good body type in some ways. And selecting a suitable intermittent fasting plan based on your own body type is of great significance.
  • A combination of healthy diet and moderate exercise will help you achieve your goal of keeping or improving your body type to a greater extent. Don’t be lazy and act now!

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