What to Drink While Intermittent Fasting

While actively in an intermittent fasting state, as you know, there really isn’t much you can drink. You really are restricted from most beverages as you must keep away from liquids that contain calories and sugar. Fasting means refraining from food and liquids for the most part for 12 to 16 hours a day. If you break from the fast too early, you lose many of the health benefits. Still, there are some beverages you can drink during an active fast that will help get you through the hunger pains and lack of energy.

What Can I Drink During Fasting?

There are really only a few beverages you can partake in during an active fast, so it is best to stock your fridge and pantry with these items. They could just help you maintain your intermittent fasting without caving in unexpectedly at a weak moment.

  • Water: Water is the perfect beverage for fasting. There are zero calories and it will keep you fully hydrated. And still, it will make you feel full and keep off the hunger pains. Drink as much water as you want and it will just keep getting better.
  • Black Coffee: A cup of black coffee only contains about three calories. This is perfect for when you are in the middle of a fast. Plus, the caffeine will give you a boost of energy. In addition, caffeine is the world’s most widely used nootropic (smart drug), so it will keep you thinking clearly and your cognitive abilities should not be impaired as can often happen when facing real hunger. If you need to give it a bit more flavoring as black coffee can be an acquired taste, simply add some cinnamon. Cinnamon has its own health benefits that will make the drink even better!
  • Green tea, black tea, and oolong tea are all acceptable when in the middle of the fast. Just make sure it is not one of those teas you see in stores that are high in sugar and calories. The calories could not exceed much more than ten calories and sugar is definitely a no-no. As an added bonus, these teas are said to provide a boost of energy as well.
  • When fasting for 24 hours straight, many people turn to a low calories bone broth to help get them through it. A cup of it will usually run 30 to 50 calories, but it will provide the carbs needed to keep your energy level up.
  • If you are talking about an acquired taste, then apple cider vinegar is right up your alley. It really does take some getting used to. Try a shot while in the middle of a fast and you may just like it!

What Drinks Should I Avoid While Fasting?

Although you may have previously heard differently, here are some beverages to avoid in the middle of a fast.

  • Diet soda should be avoided while fasting because even though it is listed as zero calories, the sweeteners can have a negative effect on you.
  • Almond milk and coconut water are both high in sugar. Avoid drinks that have excess sugar. They will slow down all the benefits you are after.
  • Alcohol is usually both high in sugar and calories. Plus, do you really want to drink a bunch of alcohol in the middle of a fast. It would probably be hard to function.

Are Energy Drinks OK with Intermittent Fasting?

Energy drinks are being dramatically marketed as being burden-free to bodyweight because of the zero calories contained. Now that energy drinks can be drunk by sportspeople, it naturally means they are fit for those expecting weight loss. That’s a top common statement made by the majority. However, is that true?

In fact, energy drinks are NOT suggested during the fasting window.

Ingredient List Should be Carefully Read First.

No one can randomly make a conclusion about whether energy drinks can be consumed without any concern unless the ingredient list has been carefully read. After all, ingredient lists NEVER lie.

It’s the producers’ responsibility to list all the ingredients included in energy drinks. Some energy drinks promise to be sugar-free but sweeteners are contained. Therefore, before eating or drinking anything, it’s extremely necessary and important to read food labels to clarify what you’ll really eat or drink.

The Supplements Contained in Energy Drinks May Not Be What Your Body Needs.

After long-time sports, bodies usually call for some elements because of long-time sweating so that sodium, electrolytes, or even salt is contained in energy drinks. However, if your body stays in a normal state, you don’t need such supplements. A high intake of salt may increase the risk of high blood pressure.

All in all, energy drinks can ONLY be consumed with sports done. It can Never be used as everyday drinks like water or coffee.

Basically, Avoid Sugar and Calories

If you are in the middle of a fast and wonder if you can drink a certain beverage, check to see if it has a decent amount of sugar and/or calories. If it does, then avoid it and go with one of the options listed above. You don’t want to fall out of a 12 hour fast too early if you can help it.


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