What Your Body Shape Reveals About Your Health

We all have a certain body shape that we identify with more than others. Sometimes the shape can be not so flattering. After all, who wants to be known as a pear shape? But keep in mind, body shape is based on a few factors. Genetics, diet, lifestyle, and age all play key roles in our body shape. There are probably more than a few of you out there that started off as an entirely different body shape than the one you are at now. Here are a few things your body shape will reveal about your health.

Apple Shape

If you have a body that is apple shaped, then you have a problem with obesity. Heart disease is the number one killer around the globe and it is brought on most of the time by obesity and lack of exercise. Though with the right diet and exercise program, you can kiss that apple shape goodbye.

Pear Shape

If you are pear shaped, it means you are carrying extra weight in the hips, buttocks, and thighs. In a cruel twist, if you are a woman, you are narrow up top with none of that extra weight being distributed to your breasts. If only that weight was evenly distributed, the pear shape would not be so noticeable. With some good cardio and strength training that focuses on the lower body, you can get great weight loss results in that area so don’t despair.

Hourglass Shape

If you have the hourglass shape, you are extremely lucky. This is perhaps the most desirable body shape of all. Your weight is evenly distributed and you still have a tiny waist. Fate has been kind to you! Of course, many of you have probably worked very hard to get in this condition, so it is not all genetics.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Some women would often pay a good deal of money to attain the inverted triangle shape. This body shape means you have large breasts and the rest of you is pretty narrow so it makes the breasts seem even bigger. If you don’t like having such big breasts, you need to get your body fat lower since it seems all the fat in your body is getting deposited in your chest.

Ruler Shape

It really is a shame that there are not more ruler shaped people around instead of apple shaped. Thin people live longer lives in general and with obesity numbers spiraling out of control, those apple shaped people better start eating more apples. Ruler shaped people may have a tough time gaining weight, but with the right diet and strength training, they can put on muscle and look impressive with their lean body.

Love the Body You Have?

In society nowadays, it seems more people are preaching to go ahead and love the body you have. This is fine, but you should not give up on trying to better your health in the process. Set goals and if you are not happy with your body shape or if it is affecting your health, change it.


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