How to Easily Break Snacking Habit at Home

Mindless snacking leads to binge eating and weight gain. Most people know snacking is bad for their health but they’re struggling with it. Some simple tips are provided in this article to help you easily break snacking habit at home.

Ask Yourself Whether You Really Need Snack

Before snacking, it’s best to ask yourself whether you’re really hungry or just a little bored, also emotionally hungry or physically hungry. It usually occurs that snacks are thought of when people get bored. Therefore, it’s best to guarantee that you really need it before snacking. If not, just do something indoor instead to avoid being bored.

Place Snacks Beyond Reach

If snacks are within your reach, you are always reminded to eat them. Do ensure your snacks are placed beyond reach. It’s especially important to keep in mind that snacks should be far away from computers or desk. It’s optimal to place snacks in another room of your home that you don’t usually enter. After all, out of sight, out of mind.

Eat Proper Meals

If you want to snack less, it’s very important to eat proper meals in time. If you don’t fill yourself with enough food, you’ll have constant cravings for snacks. So, do ensure you’ve obtained enough fat and carbohydrate from your meals.

Conform to Intermittent Fasting

The peaks and lows in your blood sugar are the main reason you feel like snacking. However, intermittent fasting works well in controlling your blood sugar because your fat can be burned during fasting when you’re required to eat nothing, including snacks.

Plan Your Diet

Make a diet plan that should cover what and when to eat as snacks if you find it difficult to completely quit snacking. Prepare your snacks at a certain place and regulate the specific time when you can eat them and the specific amount you can eat. It’s helpful to control the amount of the snacks you will eat and snacking times.

Drink Water to Replace Snacking

You must have heard a saying that water is a perfect drink. It is true! Sometimes, you go for snacking just because you’re thirsty. However, you have no idea about that. Next time, as you want to snack, drink some water first and then check whether you still want the snack in 15 minutes. Your reply must be NO. Apart from pure water, black coffee is also recommended.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard at First

It does take some time to break a habit and you’d better take your time. If you find it too difficult to resist snacking cravings, then snack a little. Nevertheless, mindful snacking is suggested. Focus on it when you eat snacks. Never snack with computers, TVs or smartphones and never fast swallow. Prepare healthy snacks such as nuts, fresh fruit or black coffee to replace chips, candies, or soda.


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