An Interview with a Fastyle User, Sarah Robin, Cutting 34LBS

How Sarah Robin Cuts 34lbs

As a mother of 4, Sarah Robin has been making unstoppable efforts to keep fit. She doesn’t mind talking about weight loss or changing eating habits on her social media and can’t help sharing her experience to cut 34lbs off her weight through keto and intermittent fasting.

Sarah’s weight loss journey started from the keto diet. “I was really committed at first,” she said. “I was completely on track for a full month. It (Keto) helped me loads.” Keto means cutting carbs and maintaining high fat and many studies show keto is effective to lose weight and boost health.

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“After my month of keto, I started intermittent fasting.” Sarah continued. “I only eat in an 8-hour window. This for me has been amazing! I’ve really got into a great routine of fasting and eating and even having some of the good stuff and still losing weight.”

The intermittent fasting diet Sarah applied is called 16:8 fasting diet that is best for intermittent fasting beginners, requiring fasters to eat during the 8 hours while keeping fasting during the rest of the day.

“To accurately monitor my status on intermittent fasting, I tracked my fasting with an app called Fastyle,” Sarah showed us her mobile phone. “Fastyle has offered me some free codes so you can use their app for free! As well as tracking your fasting it also gives loads of other hints and tips.”

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Based on the interview with Sarah, the following experience or tips to lose weight and keep fit can be summarized:

Do not depend on a single way to lose weight.

When it comes to Sarah, Keto and intermittent fasting are both used so that she can have fewer carbs than she used to and try to not eat too much sugar. That’s what a new lifestyle is formed and insisted on.

Stop drinking wine and all alcoholic drinks.

Wine and alcoholic drinks are surely unhealthy and prevent from weight loss. If you really want to lose weight and keep fit, you should, first of all, stop drinking, which is just what Sarah did at the very beginning of her weight loss journey.

Use a tool if necessary.

Just as that Sarah used Fastyle to trim her intermittent fasting, any tool can be used to boost weight loss if necessary. Don’t take such a tool for granted because it is strict and objective, stopping you from doing the things that should never be done for weight loss. In fact, the don’ts has been early buried in your mind, but you deliberately hide them.

Never give up.

Don’t let yourself down even if multiple ways have been tried without any positive effect on weight loss. Different people call for different ways to lose weight. No matter what way you’ll use to lose weight and keep fit, it should be natural, healthy and useful. Weight losing is a Marathon and the runners you see at the starting line are not the same group you’ll see at the finishing line.

BTW, for more talk with Sarah about weight loss experience, please follow her on Instagram. PLUS: you’ll possibly have an opportunity to earn a Fastyle premium for FREE!

Fastyle provides you with:

  • Easy-to-use intermittent fasting tracker;
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  • Customized diet plans compatible with your unique needs;
  • VIP coach’s step-by-step guide on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

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