Does Tea Break a Fast?

When speaking of healthy drinks that people should focus on when trying to slim their waistline, there is a group of beverages that often get overlooked. With numerous teas available on the market, you should stock up your pantry with ones that can help you lose weight.

What to Drink and Avoid While Intermittent Fasting?

During fasting, food is strictly limited or totally prohibited according to the intermittent fasting plan you’re determined to conform to. When it comes to drinks while fasting, you also need to know the dos and don’ts.

What to Drink While Fasting?

There are multiple drinks that are friendly with intermittent fasting. Simply put, all drinks are friendly with intermittent fasting unless sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, cream, or milk is added. Therefore, the drinks to be mentioned below can be selected.


Water is OK with everyone in every situation. As the source of life, water plays an essential role for all living things. No living thing can live without water. Pure water is the best among all types of water when it comes to intermittent fasting. Water is friendly with intermittent fasting and it can be consumed as much as you want so that you need to stay hydrated during the fasting window. In fact, at least 2000ml water should be consumed during fasting so the water amount should be recorded and summed on a notebook or a water tracker application.


Many people start their day with a cup of tea, which is also fit for intermittent fasters. Tea adds no calories to the human body and features health benefits that will be further discussed in the later parts of the article. Different types of tea are also friendly with intermittent fastings like green tea, black tea, and Pu-Erh.


As a popular drink with a little sour taste, lemonade has been widely provided in restaurants or hotels and it’s easy to be prepared as long as a lemon and some water are available. If you hate the boring taste of pure water, lemon water is an optimal selection for your fasting window because lemon water doesn’t break a fast and has many nutrients beneficial to the human body.

Black Coffee

Coffee perfectly works with intermittent fasting as long as no extra sugar, milk, or sweeteners are added. Black coffee leads people to feel full easily and helps them beat the hunger to smoothly go through the intermittent fasting period.

coffee works with intermittent fasting

What to Avoid Drinking while Fasting?

Sugar will only add pounds and negate many of tea’s health advantages. By the same token, people who are fasting should stay away from all drinks that contain sugar or sweeteners. Over 99% of bottled drinks in convenience stores contain sugar, so making your own healthy beverages at home would be a good choice. Besides, the drinks mentioned below should also be avoided during the fasting window:

  • Soda – containing sugar and sweeteners
  • Alcohol – adding too many calories
  • Milk
  • Energy drinks – friendly with sports people doing sports for at least 1 hour
  • Flavored coffee
  • Fruit juice – eating whole fruits is a better idea

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

People mistakenly believe that tea is simply a drink that is mainly appreciated outside the United States. However, nearly 159 million people in American drink some sort of tea on a daily basis. This is almost half the population. While not quite as popular as coffee, it is getting there. And one of the main reasons is because of all the health benefits associated with certain types of tea.

For instance, black tea[1] is said to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones, and more. Green tea[2] is also beneficial to heart health, liver problems, high cholesterol, and can improve cognitive functioning. Oolong tea[3] is recognized for its own positive effects on heart health, reducing stroke risk, and cognitive functioning.

How Tea Can Help You Lose Weight 1200

What Teas Help You Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, there are a few teas you should look into and keep in your kitchen at all times.

  • In one 12 week study[4], the obese people that were drinking green tea while following a diet had lost an extra 7.3 pounds than the people who were on that same diet but drinking a placebo beverage.
  • Puerh tea is a type of black tea and has shown promise for both animals and humans wanting to lose weight. Not only can it act as an appetite suppressant, but studies have been conducted[5] that have demonstrated its ability to help people lose weight.
  • Oolong tea sort of falls in between green tea and black tea when speaking of its color and oxidation. It is said to have a bit of a fruity taste. But is also improves weight loss by upping the person’s metabolism and increasing the fat burning that is happening within the body.

What to Avoid Adding to Tea that Could Prohibit Weight Loss

Certain teas may take you a bit to get used to as it can often develop into an acquired taste. In the meantime, if you are not fond of the tea you are drinking, don’t make it worse by making it fattening. This means avoid adding extra sugar. Sugar will just add on the pounds and eliminate many of the tea’s health benefits.

Keep It Simple

Sodas and other high-calorie drinks are making people obese at an alarming rate. If you drink a couple a day, you are probably battling your weight since this could be an extra 500 calories daily you are taking in that are not nutritious in the least. Now, keep in mind, a good cup of tea may only contain five calories. A few cups a day will keep your calorie count low and provide you with several health benefits. It sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Give these teas a chance and see if the pounds start to melt away.




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