Lose Weight through Eating: Smart Food Replacements to Cut Calories – Snacks

Sometimes it’s not eating much that gains you weight but what food. Some tips for smart food swaps should be learned to lose weight because low calories are taken in by those food substitutes. In this article, smart snack swaps will be provided. Switch to smart snacks will help you lose weight through eating.

Swap Other Nuts for Pistachios

swap other nuts for pistachios

Eat these: Pistachios with 86 calories per ounce.

Replace these: Macadamia with 203 calories per ounce; walnuts with 189 calories per ounce; almonds with 162 calories per ounce; pecans with 196 calories per ounce; cashews with 165 calories per ounce; hazelnuts with 185 calories per ounce; Brazil nuts with 185 calories per ounce.

Although nuts have been regarded as one of the healthiest snacks because they usually contain proteins beneficial for health like Omega-3 and let people feel full, they also carry so much fat, gaining people weight. However, the nuts with the lowest calories can be suitably eaten, that is, pistachios. Have pistachios to replace other nuts so that calories will be cut even if the same amount is taken.

Swap Dried Fruits for Fresh Ones

swap dried fruits for fresh ones

Eat these: Dried fruits.

Replace these: Fresh fruits.

Dried fruits contain a high content of sugar and a low content of fiber and proteins, gaining people more weight if they like chewing them. All in all, fresh fruits should be eaten because they contain natural sweetener.

Swap Chips for Popcorn

swap chips for popcorn

Eat this: Aired popcorn with 106 calories per ounce.

Replace this: Chips with 152 calories per ounce.

Popcorn has similar crunchy taste as chips and salt and sugar can be both gained from it as long as appropriate amount is added. BTW, it’s healthier to DIY popcorn at home with limited sugar and salt inside.

Swap Meat for Fish

swap meat for fish

Eat this: Broiled steak with 230 calories per serving.

Replace this: Broiled cod with 80 calories per serving.

If you’re into meat, it’s right time to switch to fish to replace meat. A serving of broiled steak carries 230 calories while a serving of broiled cod carries only 80 calories. Moreover, fish are also rich in proteins like omega-3 and vitamin D that are beneficial for people to build their bones and brain.

Swap Ice Cream for Fresh Fruits together with Cream (Optional)

swap ice cream for fresh fruits with cream

Eat this: Ice cream with 500 calories per cup.

Replace this: Fresh fruits with 56 calories per cup and optional cream with 30 calories.

Among all the snacks, ice cream is the most difficult to give up because it tastes so perfect. However, the calories it contains are as high as 500 per cup. It’s a good idea to swap ice cream for fresh fruits with low calories. If you still prefer a taste similar with ice cream, you can still add 1/4 cup of cream that carries about 30 calories at most. As a result, huge calories will be saved as ice cream substitution is selected.

Swap Buffalo Wings for Buffalo Cauliflower

swap buffalo wings for buffalo cauliflower

Eat this: Buffalo wings with 616 calories per serving.

Replace this: Buffalo cauliflower with 117 calories per serving.

Buffalo wings are perfect snack for football game watching. Unfortunately, the classic snacks carry calories as high as 616. It’s suggested that it be swapped for Buffalo cauliflower carrying 117 calories only.

This article will be continuously upgraded with more healthy food swaps added.


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