Lose Weight through Eating: Smart Food Replacements to Cut Calories – Staples

Sometimes it’s not eating much that gains you weight but what food. Some tips for smart food swaps should be learned to lose weight because low calories are taken in by those food substitutes. In this article, smart staple swaps will be provided. Switch to smart staples will help you lose weight through eating.

Swap Whole Wheat or Rice for Quinoa

swap rice or whole wheat for quinoa

Eat this: Quinoa with 222 calories per cup.

Replace this: Whole wheat or rice with up to 455 calories per cup.

Compared ordinary wheat and rice, quinoas are more friendly to weight loss and they are nutritious as well. They have high content of proteins, fiber and vitamins that are beneficial for people’s health. Quinoas are regarded as the best substitutes of most staples and if you want to keep fit but worry about excessive carbs, try quinoas.

Swap Flavored Processed Cereal for Plain, High-fiber Cereal

swap flavored processed cereal for plain high-fiber cereal

Eat this: Plain, high-fiber cereal with 160 calories per cup.

Replace this: Flavored and processed cereal with 400 calories per cup.

Flavored cereal like Kellogg’s Special K Granola Touch of Honey may taste fabulous but it contains nothing but sugar and carb, providing huge calories. It’s optimal to return to the natural state, that is, to select plain and high-fiber cereal as a breakfast. To have a sweet taste, consider cinnamon and fresh berries that will save you at least 100 calories per cup. In addition, such cereal makes you feel full for longer time, stopping you from overeating.

Swap Cinnamon Rolls for Toast

swap cinnamon rolls for toast

Eat this: 2 slices of toast with 230 calories.

Replace this: Classic cinnamon rolls with 880 calories.

Yes! The calories between classic cinnamon rolls and toast are so huge. To lose weight and keep healthy, toast is suggested to replace classic cinnamon rolls although the latter contain cinnamon.

Swap Whole Wheat Burgers for Lettuce Leaf Ones

swap lettuce leaf burgers for whole wheat burgers

Eat these: Lettuce leaf hamburger with 4 calories each.

Replace these: Whole wheat hamburgers with 130 calories each.

A lettuce leaf hamburger can save you 126 calories compared with a whole-wheat hamburger. If you’re crazy about hamburgers but worried about your weight, then lettuce leaf ones should be selected. Apart from being friendly to weight loss, lettuce leaf hamburgers are also beneficial to human body because they provide proteins and fiber.

Swap Thick-crust Pizzas for Thin-crust Ones

swap thick crust for thin crust

Eat these: Thin-crust pizzas with average 490 calories each.

Replace these: Thick-crust pizzas with average 820 calories each.

A lot of tips are available to make pizzas friendly to weight loss, among which using a thin crust tops the list. The thick crust most pizzas use is made of refined white flour containing so many calories. It’s time to switch to thin-crust pizzas with about 330 calories cut for each piece.

Swap Chicken Drumstick with Skin for Chicken Breast

swap chick drumstick with skin for skin-less and bone-less chicken breast

Eat this: Skin-less and bone-less chicken breast with 120 calories per 100 grams.

Replace this: Skinful chicken drumstick with 161 calories per 100 grams.

Chicken is rich in proteins but it’s a trap to believe that unless its breast without skin is consumed only since chicken skin contains so much oil and fat. When it comes to the same amount, chicken breast saves you 41 calories in a serving.

Swap Bagels and Bread for Rice Cakes

swap bagels for rice cake

Eat this: Rice cakes with 250 calories per 100 grams.

Replace this: Bagels with 389 calories per 100 grams.

Rice cakes help you save calories and play a role as bagels or bread that contains high content of sugar and carb.

This article will be continuously upgraded with more healthy food swaps added.


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