Lose Weight through Dieting: Smart Food Replacements to Cut Calories – Beverages

Sometimes it’s not eating much that gains you weight but what food. Some tips for smart food swaps should be learned to lose weight because low calories are taken in by those food substitutes. In this article, smart beverage swaps will be provided. Switch to smart beverages will help you lose weight through eating.

Swap Fruit Juice for Fresh Fruits

swap fruit juice for fresh fruits

Eat this: An orange with 45 calories.

Replace this: Orange juice with 135 calories per glass.

When fruits are made to fruit juice, nothing will be left but sugar. Let’s take oranges for example. An orange averagely carries 45 calories but is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Vitamin C is nutritious to human body while fiber can make people feel full. A glass of orange juice, however, first of all, calls for at least 3 oranges to be squeezed, that is, 135 calories which is a higher number than 45. Moreover, orange juice hardly carries fiber, which nearly fails to let people feel full.

Swap Soda for Lemon Water

swap soda for lemon water

Drink this: Lemon water with only 6 calories per glass.

Replace this: Soda with 150 calories per glass.

Everyone knows pure water is the healthiest drink, but it tastes so boring. However, soda brings you so many calories that it makes you gain weight. Lemon water is an ideal drink because it provides good taste but doesn’t make you fat.

Swap Latte for Black Coffee

swap latte for black coffee

Drink this: Black coffee with 35 calories.

Replace this: Latte or other coffee with milk and sweetener, with 195 calories.

Latte and other types of coffee containing milk and sweetener are rich in fat and calories. Black coffee is beneficial for weight loss since it contains nothing but caffein. If you expect for sweet taste, add some cinnamon to your coffee instead of sugar or sweeteners.

Swap Sport Drinks for Water

swap sport drinks for water

Drink this: Water with 0 calories.

Replace this: Sport drinks with 26 calories per bottle.

Sports drinks are marketed as supplement to the salt and stop people from dehydration or hypoglycemia after long time’s sports. Compared to soda, sports drinks have much lower calories but they still have more calories than water. Sports drinks aren’t suggested unless it has taken you more than 1 hour to do sports continuously. And they can’t be used as daily drinks.

Swap Bought Smoothies for Homemade Smoothies

Drink this: Homemade chocolate smoothie with 230 calories.

Replace this: Starbucks chocolate vivanno smoothie with 370 calories.

Smoothies can be tricky, leading you to believe they are healthy because they usually contain berries, spinach or kale. A sweet taste is the key for shop smoothies marketers to brand and it carries much sugar and numerous sweeteners, adding calorie burden to people. If ice cream is added to smoothie, here comes a disaster. However, homemade smoothie usually consists of fresh fruits and milk with low calories.

This article will be continuously upgraded with more healthy food swaps added.


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