Lose Weight through Eating: Smart Food Replacements to Cut Calories – Dairy & Sauce

Sometimes it’s not eating much that gains you weight but what food. Some tips for smart food swaps should be learned to lose weight because low calories are taken in by those food substitutes. In this article, smart dairy and sauce swaps will be provided. Switch to smart dairy foods and sauce will help you lose weight through eating.


Swap Sour Cream for Pure Greek Yoghurt

swap sour cream for greek yoghurt

Eat this: Greek yoghurt with 13.5 calories per teaspoon.

Replace this: Sour cream with 30 calories per teaspoon.

It should be admitted that thick and oozy cream can’t be resisted. However, half of calories can be reduced if Greek yoghurt is chosen. Greek yoghurt makes people feel full for longer time, stopping them from eating too much. Moreover, Green yoghurt has other benefits for people’s health like being full of proteins, boosting metabolism, improving bone health, etc.

Swap Unsweetened Almond Milk for Flavored Milk

Drink this: Unsweetened almond milk with 35 calories per cup.

Replace this: Flavored milk with 80 calories per cup.

Flavored milk contains a high content of sweetener and sugar, adding calories to your body while unsweetened milk saves calories from you.

Swap Butter for Avocado

swap butter for avocado

Eat this: Avocado with 160 calories per 100g.

Replace this: Butter with 718 calories per 100g.

There are so many butter alternatives on the market to be able to compensate for its essential disadvantage of being with so high calories. As high as 718 calories can be found on butter per 100 grams, which is quite unbelievably high! To replace butter, avocado is the best substitution and is even regarded as “nature butter”. Avocados can be used in any recipe calling for butter as a substitution. Apart from avocados, nut or seed oil can be also used to replace butter in recipes, which is especially acceptable in bakery recipes.


Swap White Pasta Sauce for Red Pasta Sauce

swap white sauce for red sauce

Eat this: Red sauce with 120 calories per cup.

Replace this: White sauce with 160 calories per cup.

When it comes to pasta sauce, stick to the red sauce. White sauce usually contains cream, butter and cheese. However, red sauce is usually made from vegetables, containing low content of calories and sugar.

Swap Mayo for Mustard

swap mayo for mustard

Eat this: Mustard with only 3 calories per teaspoon.

Replace this: Mayo with 31 calories per teaspoon.

When it comes to toppings on a sandwich, calories are usually taken in secretly without your awareness. Try mustard to replace mayo as you prepare sandwiches. Only a teaspoon of switch from mayo to mustard can save you as much as 28 calories. Then how many teaspoons do you usually need for one sandwich?

Swap Sugar for Cinnamon

swap sugar for cinnamon

Eat this: Cinnamon with 6 calories per teaspoon.

Replace this: Sugar with 16 calories per teaspoon.

Sugar intake makes you energetic and active but a high intake of it will gain huge weight. Use cinnamon to replace sugar is a good idea to add sweet taste to food and drinks and well control the intake of sugar. In addition, a high intake of sugar tends to make people suffer from Type II diabetes.

Swap Creamy or Oil Salad Dressing for Vinegar

swap oil and creamy salad dressing for vinegar

Eat this: Vinegar dressing for salad with 35 calories per serving.

Replace this: Creamy or oil dressing for salad with 140 calories per serving.

Salad towards weight loss is tricky if you neglect the calories contained in the dressing that is used in the salad. Salad dressing can be either creamy, oil or vinegar and a teaspoon of oil alone brings forward 120 calories. Therefore, use vinegar instead to lower the calories of a salad.

Swap Low-sugar Ketchup for Heinz

Eat this: Low-sugar ketchup with 10 calories per teaspoon.

Replace this: Heinz ketchup with 20 calories per teaspoon.

A switch from Heinz ketchup to low-sugar ketchup like True Made Foods saves you 10 calories for each teaspoon. Although it’s a low amount, it still plays an important role when it comes to weight loss.

This article will be continuously upgraded with more healthy food swaps added.


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