Can I Drink Lemon Water during Intermittent Fasting?

It is quite common for fancy restaurants to offer their customers lemon in their water. It is a nice low-calorie addition to the glass of water as it only contains a couple of calories, and it adds a little punch of flavor as well without the sugar. However, does lemon water work with intermittent fasting? If you’re holding such a question, this article will be helpful.

What Kind of Drinks is Friendly with Intermittent Fasting?

During fasting, you may feel thirsty in a constant stream. But drinking water all the time tends to take away the pleasure. Changing the variety of drinks can help you alleviate this boredom and annoyance. You should keep in mind what can be drunk during intermittent fasting so as not to gain weight via fluids drinking. Overall, all sugary drinks are not recommended. This means you may need to stay away from cane sugar, cream, and even some sweeteners. Black coffee, black tea, and lemonade are all good choices.

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Does Lemon Water Break a Fasting?

Before coming to a conclusion, let’s, first of all, dig up the recipe for lemon water.

Lemon Water Recipe

First, clean a lemon with water and prepare a glass of water.

Second, cut the lemon into slices.

Third, put a couple of slices of lemon into the water.

Tada! Here comes a glass of fresh lemon water.

Does Lemon Water Break a Fast?

Lemonade does not spoil the fast because there is almost no sugar or other sweeteners in it. On the contrary, it is very much recommended as a weight loss drink. Besides, it has many health benefits, such as stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and promoting the formation of collagen.

Other Benefits of Lemon Water Compatible with Weight Loss

A Good Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can protect your cells. One lemon has about half of the amount of Vitamin C that your body needs to function well. In addition, with heart disease being the number one killer around the globe, there have been studies that have shown that Vitamin C can fight against heart disease in some cases. It will take more than one glass of lemon water every now and then though, so drink up early and often.

Vitamin C Promotes Weight Loss

With plenty of adults across the globe being clinically obese and even more being simply overweight, people are always looking for simple ways to shed a few pounds. Drinking lemon water can provide this. Lemons contain fiber that expands in the stomach and will make the person feel fuller so they will have less room for more food. A couple of glasses of lemon water with every meal will limit the calories you will be eating.

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Improves How Your Gut Is Functioning

They say that disease often starts in the gut. If you have had any problems with digestive issues, you realize just how debilitating it can be. Lemons contain soluble fiber which helps with digestion, but you must eat the pulp of the lemon and not just drink the juice. The fiber will fight constipation and have you more regular in no time.

Gets Rid of Those Wrinkles

As we age, wrinkles are one of the things we look forward to the least. Who wants to look like a dried-up leather bag with wrinkles crisscrossing the face? But there is hope! In one study conducted on mice, it showed that lemons prevented wrinkles from happening. Lemon water supplies plenty of moisture and could lead to you looking years younger.

Stop Bad Breath from Happening

Lemon water will keep your breath smelling fresh throughout the day. If you are around people constantly, unfortunately, you may be the last one that realizes you are suffering from bad breath. After all, nobody wants to tell you that your breath stinks. Rather than relying on sugary candy and gum, drink lemon water to stop the bad breath from ever happening.

Makes Your Own Lemon Water

It is not difficult to make your own lemon water. In fact, you should put together a whole pitcher of it so you can constantly drink from it during the day. While some people will say to only use filtered water and organic lemons, you don’t have to take it that far. And since the pulp of the lemon is some of the best parts of it, cut up a bunch of lemons, give them a squeeze into the pitcher, and then throw in all of the slices in the water as well. With these many health benefits for lemon water, make it part of your everyday lifestyle.


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