Eating Lots of Fruits and Vegetables, How Come am I Still Gaining Weight?

There is no doubt that eating fruits and vegetables can keep people from gaining weight, and fruits and vegetables are indeed taking up those people’s menu who make up their mind to lose weight.

Unfortunately, such an action does not take any effects on some people, even leading to them increasingly fatter unluckily. If you are also a member of this group, you must not miss this article.

eating fruits and vegetables

Do Fruits and Vegetables Tend to Make You Thin?

At first, fruits and vegetables are planned to help people lose weight. But just relying on fresh fruits and vegetables to lose weight is far from enough.

The truth is fruits and vegetables possibly stop you from becoming fat but don’t lose your current weight.

In fact, those whose plates have nothing but fruits and vegetables for every meal every day do lose a lot at the very beginning, but if such an eating habit continues for a week even a month, there will possibly be a side effect occurring to them such as hypoglycemia, dizziness, increased heart rate, and some other negative symptoms.

The main reason for that result is that people are required to eat with a balanced diet, including fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products, in order to keep healthy. If fruits and vegetables are the only food, your body health will be destroyed because of a lack of necessary nutrients.

Generally speaking, in order to make yourself thin, you should eat more fruits and vegetables to the greatest extent, but this should be operated on the basis of ensuring enough balanced nutrition intake.

Perhaps You’re Eating “Wrong” Fruits and Vegetables.

Now that you have got an understanding of the relevance between fruits and vegetables intake and weight loss and it’s easy to conclude that eating fruits and vegetables alone is not a recommended way to lose weight, but a balanced diet.

However, not all fruits and vegetables should be consumed for the consideration of weight loss and health.

Fruits that May Gain You Weight

High-sugar content fruits

Above, you have noted some fruits with high sugar content, such as avocado, durian, coconut, and litchi. In fact, there are still some other high-sugar content fruits. These fruits cannot help you lose weight, but increase your blood sugar level, which possibly suffers from Type 2 diabetes, so you would better avoid them.

Fruit juice

Some people love fruit juice but it’s not as healthy as eating whole fruits since a glass of fruit juice is nothing but one of water and sugar. However, whole fruits contain fiber, vitamins, water, and sugar. Therefore, many nutrients will fade away from fresh fruits as they are squeezed into juice.

Vegetables that May Gain You Weight

Eating vegetables indeed helps make you thin, however, if your body still has no sign of becoming thinner, you should take into account whether you eat the wrong vegetables. What is so called wrong vegetables, then? Frankly, the wrong vegetables are not artificial vegetables but belong to a not recommended vegetable group. This group is mainly starchy vegetables. Starchy vegetables are known as abundant starch, and this starch is hard for people to digest, so in most cases, it will store in your body. Potatoes and peas are the most common starchy vegetables.

Say Bye-Bye to These Fruits and Vegetables

Do not choose these fruits


It is very high in fat content, and calories are also not low. It can play a role in clearing intestines and lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, but because its amount of fat content is not low, you should best not eat it during weight loss.


The edible value of durian is very high, so appropriate intake is of great benefit to human health. However, because of its high calorie, it is not suitable for people to lose weight.


Although coconut tastes good and is rich in nutrition, it does not suit those wanting to lose weight, for its high pulp fat content.


Litchi tastes delicious, and edible value is also relatively high, but because of its high sugar content, eating more can cause hyperglycemia, induced diabetes. So, for dieters, it is best not to eat this fruit. Besides that, if eating litchi on an empty stomach, its sugar will directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, leading to hypertonic coma.

Do not choose these vegetables


Although potatoes have a sugar index of only 90, they are easily stored after being eaten, which can affect weight loss.


Pumpkin contains sugar is generally higher, so try not to eat pumpkin during weight loss, to avoid excessive sugar intake, thus leading to body fat.


Peas, though a legumes vegetable, are high in energy. The energy content of peas is very high, even higher than staple foods. Therefore, they are delicious, but cannot be eaten too much, otherwise, they will cause obesity.

Other Possible Reasons to Stop Fruits and Vegetables Dropping Your Pounds

Besides the above reasons that stop you from losing weight ideally when eating fruits and vegetables, there are still some other possible reasons.

Eating at wrong time with wrong eating pattern

Sometimes a wrong time food intake at a wrong time range can affect a lot. That’s why diet isn’t limited during intermittent fasting but diet time is and weight can be also lost. Moreover, it takes the food you’ve consumed at least 4 hours to digest and the time between meals should be at least 4 hours. Too frequent meals also bring about weight gain even if all the meals are healthy and light.

Eating too much unhealthy food

Unhealthy food is generally known as junk food, like French fries, fried chicken, hamburgers, and cola. Unhealthy foods provide only a few calories and no other nutrients. Eating a lot of junk foods over a long period of time can lead to obesity. In addition, it can make the human body dysfunctional, damaging the liver function and the normal intake of nutritious food, leading to a gradual decline in the body’s resistance.

Insufficient sleep

Weight loss has a great relationship with sleep. Keeping enough sleep time can accelerate the human metabolism, it will accelerate fat burning in return. Lacking sleep will not only lead to fat accumulation in the body but also makes endocrine disorders, seriously reducing the effect of weight loss.

High pressure

Too much pressure does not only affect the effect of weight loss but also may lead to the formation of the fat constitution. In addition, high pressure can cause an increase in appetite, which leads to eating too much food and gaining weight.

Bottom Line

  • Eating fruits and vegetables indeed helps lose weight but eating only these two will lead to negative effects.
  • Trying to avoid these fruits and vegetables with high-content sugar, high fat, and some starchy vegetables, like potatoes, and peas.
  • There are still also some other reasons causing you not to see any change in your body, so try to avoid them.

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